Koji Fukumoto
After returning from Australia in 2012, he became interested in kimono and started studying as a dresser.Moved to England in 2014 and started working as a kimono stylist in earnest.

The value of kimono was changed by seeing people from overseas enjoying kimono more like clothes than Japanese people.Kimono that was in the same standing position as the clothes, I Struggling to spread it as a modern fashion.

Mainly in England and Italy, Started dressing and styling activities like "Vogue Italy", and planned fashion shows as a director.
After returning to Japan, including "KIMONO HAIR SHOW Nagakore 2017, 2018" Started activities to instill the possibilities of new kimono.

The concept of the activity is
"I want my mother and grandmother's kimonos, which are still in the chest of drawers, to put on their sleeves."
and Spreading kimono cilture to the world.